Vacation Rental Do and Dont’s

Not so long ago, a family vacation meant staying in a hotel or B&B.

In 2015, vacation rentals are often the way of choice to go. And for so many reasons. For one thing, even a posh rental can be an extremely economical alternative for a family or even for two families sharing. Rather than being limited by the amenities available at a hotel or resort, vacationers can hand pick properties featuring exactly the things that are important to them. For example, three young couples sharing might find themselves looking for a vacation rental with a pool. But fast forward a few years and those same couples might shy away from a pool if their group now also includes small children. And while a lot of people might like to vacation in a waterfront property, some dog owners will avoid waterfront because they know their pups will just want to swim all the time! And speaking of pups, having the family dog come along on vacation is something more and more people want. An increasing number of properties let you bring fido along, either for free or a small fee.

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